quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2015

Some differences between a Pirate and a rat

The rat nibbles wholly by the edges, although it is hungry.

The rat takes the cache as defense.

It attacks only when its chances of winning are huge

- It prefers act on a trapped victim.

The Pirate sails the seas in search of adventure,

Explicit pillages, the ephemeral pleasure.

Under the black banner, he opens his nostrils to sip

The fragrant air from the ocean.

He does not seek victims, only partners

In his hazardous experiments.

The rat eats what does not belong to itself.

A wingless vampire, it grasps the pieces,

Licking the sweet and the salt that is on the table

Put to another person.

The Pirate is amoral. For him, gold is ecumenical.

Product of the entrails of the earth - whose soil he steps, daredevil - gold belongs to who knows better preserve his trunk.

However, the Pirate knows, too, that the land itself can claim their fair share

And swallow back the wealth that one day the sea will regurgitate.

The Pirate vampires not, knowing that wealth is infinite - and cyclical

The mouse’s pleasure is to lacerate, to raze.

When caught in the act of a ruse,

It lowers its eyes and makes victim’s face:

"-By God! Does lie a blame on me just because I was born a rat?"

Nevertheless, it is just a ruse. On the ‘corner of his eye’, it already sees a new delight,

And his eyes shine with delectation...

The mouse and its bunch of hooligans are first to abandon the ship;

But the Pirate defends the vehicle that transports him across the ocean,

because his vessel carries his Spirit

And, as rightly said the Poet, "Sailing is needed."

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