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Human Angels

By Jana de Paula

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Let's talk about angels. Angels are indeed a recurring theme throughout centuries of verbal history. Angels appear, undaunted or cruel, in the so-called sacred books that support the world's religions. Are found in abundance in a multitude of texts: apocryphal, cabalistic, shamanic, hidden texts, etc. Angels come in printed manuals on magic, alchemy, book of prayers, sympathies... There are also deck of cards of angels and  book of hours of the angels. Some among them are presented as black and horned angels .. or translucent and crowned. We found figures of chubby babies or with staid airs. Armed, avengers, redeemers, peacemakers, guardians ... The list of types is too long to be exhausted.

Never, in any era of history, angels have been forgotten or replaced ... In the early centuries of the Christian era, angels were even treated as business status, catalysts in councils of priests; and those who defended them ended in dark dungeons and suffered torture and ignominious death. But the interest about angels has never been exclusive of Christianity. In all religions and rites there are beings that serve as messengers among men and gods, and often they, themselves, are gods also. And, winged or not, they are always superior to human skills and are almost indomitable.

Nowadays, it is easier to find figures with angelic characteristics in comics. Paladins of justice , cyborgs , ferocious beasts, human victims of chemical errors ... The matters is that angels always put a ball above or beyond human.

But exist a rather of angel that all these others - myriads and myriads, legions , choir, court, flange, etc. - venerate. The embodied angel. The human angel. This type of angel is more difficult to be identified because, in general, not even he knows he's an angel. Are some angels who walk around , camouflaged themselves. Are rejected, chased, wronged, and - the worst of the worst - protected, victimized, used as examples of suffering, of addiction, of ruination.

Did you know your alcoholic relative who put to blush everybody in family gathering? He is an angel (knowing it or not). He is there to load once and for all the burden of his entire family for generations to lose sight. He is there to remove the stain of many acts committed by their ancestors, these acts that, in general, are not on the family tree, but have been practiced in the strictest confidence against defenseless beings and are unresolved, throbbing around ...

Maybe you have a friend or friend's friend who is a promiscuous woman. Extremely promiscuous. Or heard the cousin of an acquaintance who told to the doorman in front of about a young woman absolutely chaste, that suppressed any desire of her body, that never knew a sensual experience. Both are human angels. They release a multitude of other humans energy of rape, incest, sexual torture, psychological torture, etc.

Someone from your relations, in a bar table, perhaps told you a story about a human - male or female, adult or child - who served for years as a doormat for a whole family. This person was beaten, abused, used as bait, humiliated, robbed, cheated, was sucked and obviously was criticized. Another typical human angel.

The relative with mental problems, the most loving mother, the young junkie ... are all human angels licking the wounds of humanity, scab for scab. And in this new millennium, many of them begin to have glimpses of this angelic attribute and are hale and hearty. It is indeed comes a time that the blind see and the lame walk.

And last but not least, one of the most popular angel types. That is the rejected by almost all mankind here on Earth. Among many options of incarnation, they choose the unimaginable. They are the famished child, or the stinky toothless beggar. They choose to be a prostitute at last step of infamy. Are those for who the laws of men do not exist. They are entirely forgotten. Those who aren't accepted even on dark alleys. Those who spending life in distant prisons, innocents of all crimes. Those seen up in whole starved and flagellates villages. They are girls who someone has cut the clitoris and whose tears nobody sees.

They are also beings who live for a few months, a few days, a few minutes, a few second just to smile for their parents and say: "It's okay. Trust me".

Those human angels are not asking for healing, compassion, redemption. They do not cry out for justice. They do not go against entire armies, slaughtered by guilt. Neither will they, like specters, nudges the pseudo consciousness of those who do justice and compels compliance with the law during the time they are trying to sleep, poor angels they also, carrying on his back the faults of others. They not want the pain or suffering on anyone. They are not found among the 'benefactors' that take 'humanitarian' pictures to raise funds for any powerful institution of 'charity'.

They just exist. By free choice, voluntarily they decided to wear this costume, wear this character and live in all its nuances this role overlooked by Shakespeare. As outcasts they descend to this little planet, but they want an only thing - to be honored. And every and each of those experiences removes such sludge, sweeps so much dirt, extinguishes such hate ... that it is not surprise when they undressed the fancy, are seen as the faithful and true.

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